Employee Departure Form

Information Technology Employee Departure Form


On the resignation or termination of an employee, this form must be submitted to the Information Technology Department to ensure that all accounts assigned to the employee are deactivated in a timely manner. It is also required to ensure that all assets are retrieved on or before the employee’s last working day. Information on the use of this form is listed below.  


Step 1 - The HR Department, Departmental Managers or delegates must complete and submit this form as soon the employee either resigns or is terminated.


Step 2 - A summary of the submitted form will be sent to HR, the requester and to the IT Department.


Step 3 - The IT Department will make preparations according to the information provided.



NB: This form is  meant to be digital. In an effort to reduce our Carbon Footprint, please do not print this form.


Section 1 - General Information

Section 2 - Employee Information

Please confirm that all information supplied above is accurate before submitting.