IT Request Form
Information Technology Request Form for New Staff Members


For each new staff member (those that use IT resources) hired by Aegis Business Solutions, this form must be submitted to the Information Technology Department for preparations to be performed prior to the new staff member coming on board. Information on the use of this form is listed below. 


Step 1 - The HR Department, Departmental Managers or delegates must complete and submit this form prior to the start date of the new employee.


Step 2 - A summary of the submitted form will be sent to the requester and to the IT Department.


Step 3 - The IT Department will make preparations according to the information provided.


Step 4 - The IT Department will notify the requester when the task is completed.

NB: This form is  meant to be digital. In an effort to reduce our Carbon Footprint, please do not print this form.

Section 1 - Requester's Information

Section 2 - Information about New Team Member

Section 3 -Hardware Requirements

Section 4 -Software Requirements

CCH Information


Employee Rates


Please confirm that all information supplied above is accurate before submitting.